Where AimTruancy Is Making a Difference

Company History

AimTruancy Solutions is the brainchild of founders Paul Pottinger, Ph.D., a psychologist, and Shelton Stogner, a veteran with more than 30 years’ experience in the field of juvenile justice and truancy enforcement. In 2005, the two developed an intensive supervision service incorporating GPS monitoring to keep at-risk youth in school. The service’s initial tests yielded extraordinary results.

In a short time, that program has evolved into the unique mentoring and monitoring solution that sets AimTruancy apart. We are headquartered in Dallas, Texas and serve school districts and communities nationwide.


Company Profiles

Marty Smith

Chief Executive Officer
Marty Smith has more than 18 years experience in executive leadership in both corporate and start-up settings, and has overseen several successful technology ventures. Marty is an enthusiastic business leader, has worked hands-on with at-risk youth, and is dedicated to building an organization focused solely on developing high-touch, high-tech solutions that address the truancy and dropout crisis at a macro scale. Marty holds a BS in computer science.

Paul Pottinger, Ph.D.

Paul Pottinger holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and has more than 35 years of experience as a corporate psychologist, including 12 years on the board of a nonprofit corporation providing adolescent prevention and intervention programs.

Shelton Stogner

Shelton Stogner has more than 30 years of experience in the juvenile justice field as a probation officer and administrator. He spent ten years as the director of a truancy enforcement center where thousands of chronic truants were referred by specialized truancy courts.

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