AIM District Receives $14 Million Federal Grant for Dropout Prevention Programs

San Antonio, Texas, November 2nd, 2010 – The U.S. Department of Education awarded San Antonio ISD $14 million to be paid out over five years to expand their dropout prevention efforts, which include Attendance Improvement Management’s mentoring and monitoring program. SAISD is the only district in Texas and one of only 29 recipients in the U.S. to receive the High School Graduation Initiative (HSGI) grant.

Students on the AIM program frequently interact with program staff through a hand-held GPS device, which keeps them accountable between the time they leave for school in the morning and the time they check in for curfew at night. After curfew, students receive individualized coaching over the phone from a trained mentor several nights a week.

AIM traditionally works with students who have been court-ordered to go to school. However, this year SAISD will implement AIM at the school-level to address attendance issues before students ever set foot in a courtroom.

“By addressing the problem earlier, we’re able to help students get back on track to graduate faster,” says AIM CEO Travis Knox. “In addition, we’re able to help families avoid the fines and time off work associated with court appearances.”

The HSGI grant will allow AIM to work directly with approximately 450 chronically truant students at SAISD over the course of the 2010-2011 school year, more than tripling the size of the program from the previous school year.

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