Austin ISD Earns Additional $250,000 With Help from AimTruancy Mentor Program

February 8, 2013 – AUSTIN, TX – AimTruancy solutions is currently working with over 800 students in 9 Austin ISD high schools and the preliminary results are in. According to Austin ISD’s Attendance Report, the campuses AimTruancy currently serves are up an average of 2% during the third six weeks, which translates into an additional $250,000 just during that period.

Annually, that increase would mean additional $1.5 Million for Austin ISD from those schools alone.

KXAN-TV News in Austin did an in-depth investigation into the program and spoke with Austin ISD officials, students on the program, and parents of students enrolled.

“I’m glad AISD did this,” said Bertha Cherry, the Dropout Prevention Specialist at Akins High School which has over 200 students currently receiving mentoring services.
One parent whose child is enrolled in the program told KXAN, “I’m glad they picked her (to participate) because it’s definitely helped her a whole lot.”

Watch the full investigative report from KXAN here:

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