AimTruancy builds a network of support by connecting all
the touchpoints in a student’s life. When the student succeeds,
everyone in the circle reaps the rewards.


At the heart of Aim is the student, who is mentored by an adult and supported on all sides by vital community services.


Aim breaks down the barrier between parents and schools, who work together to keep the student on track.


Aim reduces court caseloads by steering students out of the system and back to school.

Law Enforcement

Aim reduces the law enforcement workload by keeping kids off the streets and out of crime statistics.


Aim connects students and families to community resources that help families meet basic needs and help students focus on school.


Aim links students to trained, caring adult mentors who instill trust and inspire positive behavior.


Aim takes the burden off schools by motivating students to re-engage in academic life and by enlisting parents to support them.

Surrounding students with support

Studies show that what works with at-risk youth is positive adult involvement. The AimTruancy program connects each student with a caring, non-threatening adult. This trained, experienced coach not only builds the student’s self-confidence, but also coordinates a network of vital resources that at-risk students need. It takes a community to educate a child. Our program fosters communication and collaboration between teachers, parents, schools, and social services so that interventions are coordinated, multi-pronged, and effective. With support from every corner, students learn how to succeed in school. And in life.

From monitor to motivation

In the initial phase of the AimTruancy program, students carry a hand-held GPS device to help them develop a structured routine and experience consistent accountability. But as they quickly discover that changed behavior brings rewards, students become self-driven. This system of positive reinforcement combined with the encouragement and support of key adults keep the student motivated to excel even beyond the program. Positive behaviors become ingrained. Students’ lives are changed. And the results impact families, schools, and communities. For good.

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