NEW! AimAttendance™ & AimMentoring™

Aim is excited to offer two new implementations of its highly successful program in order to cater to individual school, district, and student needs. AimAttendance™ and AimMentoring™ merge mentoring and technology to empower students and school officials.

The main focus of AimMentoring™ is to provide students with extra social and emotional support during a very challenging and confusing time in their lives. Aim identifies student strengths to help them gain self-confidence, improve their self-image and help them better identify and manage daily social, emotional and academic challenges. Among the many issues that the Aim mentoring program works through are family instability, bullying, self-esteem, anger management, and college readiness. Educators will quickly see changes in students that allow them to spend more time teaching and less time on classroom management.

AimAttendance™ has all the benefits of AimMentoring™ with an added focus on attendance. AimAttendance™ ensures students are up and ready every morning before school and mentors work with families to develop good attendance habits while reinforcing the importance of making it to school on time, everyday, to every class period.

Want more information on these new products? Please contact us today and reference AimAttendance™ & AimMentoring™.

Surrounding students with support

Studies show that what works with at-risk youth is positive adult involvement. The AimTruancy program connects each student with a caring, non-threatening adult. This trained, experienced mentor not only builds the student’s self-confidence, but also coordinates a network of vital resources that at-risk students need. It takes a community to educate a child. Our program fosters communication and collaboration between teachers, parents, schools, and social services so that interventions are coordinated, multi-pronged, and effective. With support from every corner, students learn how to succeed in school. And in life.

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