We measure results in attendance. And lives.

The AimTruancy program is a proven success at getting kids back in school. We have achieved record attendance gains in district after district. But our truancy program does more than boost attendance. The intense involvement of personal mentors helps students reshape their attitudes about schools, parents, teachers, and their own potential. They learn to become good students. And good citizens.

Attendance improves.
ADA funds are recovered. Lives change.

In school districts across the country, AimTruancy has achieved dramatic, lasting attendance rate increases. These increases allow schools to recover attendance rate funds that exceed the cost of the program. In effect, our truancy program is a net revenue generator. Returning chronic truants to school rewards school districts financially,improves the safety of communities, and sets at-risk youth on the path to productive citizenship. Everyone benefits.

Our proven program gets more students in more schools every day.


The AimTruancy program is a net revenue generator for schools.


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